Terry Fontenot: Disrespectful to say we’re not going to be a good team

The Falcons hired a new coach and General Manager in January after their fourth straight losing season and that’s usually a situation where hopes for the immediate future are on the lower end of the spectrum.

A look at early predictions for the 2021 season shows that many people have adopted that view when it comes to the Falcons. Low expectations don’t create much pressure on G.M. Terry Fontenot in the short term and trading Julio Jones pointed away from win-now mode, but Fontenot’s not willing to adopt them as his own expectations for the team.

Fontenot said that the Falcons aren’t looking past competing in the present and he takes issue with anyone who is taking that view of the team.

“There is a bunker mentality with us,” Fontenot said, via the team’s website. “It is disrespectful to say we’re not going to be a good football team or that we’re in a rebuilding mode. The players, coaches, staff, and everyone here, we put a lot into this. We’re excited about it. We have confidence in ourselves, and we believe in the people here.”

The Falcons did a lot of work to clear up their cap picture this offseason and that will serve them well in 2022 whether they make a playoff run this year or not. That makes for a good direction for Fontenot and head coach Arthur Smith as they embark on their first season and things will look even brighter if they can win games wile getting their house in order.

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